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“About 20 of us have been gathering here for quite a few years. We love the huge porch with all the light coming in. We can spread our materials out and have just the best time. Lakeside in Maine in the just doesn't get any better.”

Connie Schmotzer, Fletcher Rug Hooker Group

“It's a beautiful setting for hiking, biking and kayaking. We have anywhere from 25 to 35 in our group and sometimes take three of the Houses. The yard and fire pit are great and the individual Houses are just the right size for congregating. My personal favorite is the reclining sofa in front of the fireplace.”

Tom Zumwalt, Appalacian Mountain Club, Worcester Chapter

“We've been taking our Residents up for over 6 years. It's a regular event and they really look forward to it. Their professional lives are so hectic and busy and this is their one chance to bond as a group and really let it out. It's a piece of heaven. The peacefulness, the mountains, the crystal clear lake, it's so nicely isolated but so close. Our Residents from out of state are amazed at the serenity.”

Rosemary Munson, Maine Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics

“It's perfect for our group, which is usally around 30 people. We've got couples, and singles, and they've got the setup to accommodate everyone with plenty of rooms in all configurations. Everybody takes turns cooking, and they've got the stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers to handle us. They even provide bed linens. I tell everybody it's just a tremendous experience. And the roads are ideal for daily rides. Such scenery can't be matched anywhere.”

Don Paiva, Narragansett Bay Wheelmen

“Practically speaking, our group loves it because of the kitchens since our Nordic team requires a special diet. And the management team was very helpful, too. But, personally I like it because the countryside reminds me a lot of my homeland. I'm from Czechoslovakia, and so are many of my students, and it reminds us of home.”

Richard Rokos, University of Colorado Ski Team

“It's the one place where our group, which ranges from 25 to 45 people, can experience sitting down in one room for dinner. My kids love it. My friends love it. And I love it because you can't create that festive atmosphere anywhere else. It's truly unique. And with the lake, the steam room, indoor fireplaces, and outdoor fire pit, there's something for everyone.”

Randy Langmaid, Friends and Family Annual Gathering

“We're still basking in the pleasant memories of our family vacation at The Maine House.”

Doctor and Family from Hershey, PA

“The layout of the Mountain View House was perfect for our group. The bedroom variety also gave everyone something they wanted.”

Family Group from Merrimack, New Hampshire

“I cannot begin to tell you in words what a great time we all had. The Houses were beautiful and the size of each House accommodated everyone perfectly.”

Family Reunion from Wolcott, Connecticut

“What a great place for a family gathering. There was a lot of room for all of us.”

Family Group from Dover, New Jersey

“Our weekend was a huge success. We had a great time and everyone loved the House. It was clean, comfortable and very homey.”

University Group from Boston, Massachusetts

“Fabulous spot for a large group get together. We needed a retreat to recharge. It was a relief to be in such a relaxing, natural environment.”

Family Group from Gray, Maine

“The location was fantastic! The House itself was exactly what we were hoping for-clean, roomy and a fully stocked kitchen. We had the best time.”

Family Group from East Patehogue, New York

“We are enjoying the afterglow of the perfect family vacation in the perfect spot.”

Family Vacation from Norway, Maine

“We celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary at The Maine House and had a wonderful time. It did rain most of our stay, but it probably worked out for the best because it kept us all in the House together and we had a great time. It was so fun to sit down and have dinner together, too. Thank you.”

Anniversary Celebration from Merrimack, New Hampshire

“The House was amazing. All my friends were very impressed with the neatness, space and the many accommodations. Everything on the House was useful and over and above our expectations.”

Friends Getaway from Weymouth, Massachusetts

“Mary Jo's family has been holding a reunion every three years for the past 30 years in various locations across the country. Their 2005 reunion was held at The Maine House. The group was so overwhelmingly pleased; they have booked again for their 2011 reunion.”

Family Group Testimonial

“Various chapters of the Appalachian Mountain Club have enjoyed many outings to The Maine Houses. Chuck and Mary, group leaders of the Worcester Chapter of the AMC, brought their bike group to The Maine House when the house first opened. About 10 years ago, the couple were married at The Maine House and, since then, have brought their bike group back to enjoy the fall foliage every Columbus Day weekend.”

AMC Group Testimonial

“We have just spent five very special days at your beautiful MountainView home celebrating our 59th anniversary with our four children, thirteen grandchildren, four great grandchildren, and all the spouses, gathering from all over the country. It was incredible! The comfortable accommodations, the lake and beautiful woodland surroundings were simply perfect. We just wanted to let you know how very happy our entire family was with the accommodations and how much we feel it added to the entire experience. Hopefully in another year or so we will organize another family reunion, and we'll certainly contact you again.”

Gene and Pat, Charlestown, MA

“Have you ever heard of the Maine House? Did you know that it overlooks Bryant Pond, and that it's in the town of Bryant Pond? Here are some facts about the Maine House. It has a steam room. I'm glad that my mom's friend, Randy, rents the camp, and not since it costs so much. We ride on a duck! You can do peaceful things. The Maine House is the main thing I look forward to. If you go, I'm sure you'll agree!

“I love the Maine House because you can do peaceful things. We go in September, and not just because Randy chose that month. We go not because we know we're going to have a fun time swinging in the hammock or hanging out with Julia, watching the adults gamble. We go in September when the lake water is just right. I will sometimes pick up golf balls people hit into the shallow water. Whenever I'm in the water, I feel like a mermaid, drifting with the current.

“I love the Maine House because there's a steam room. The first time I tried it, I was really nervous. I could feel the hot steam, and it smelled horrible. I took a deep breath, and walked into the steam room. My mom was sitting on the top bench. I sat next to her, trying to get comfortable. I got comfortable as the hot steam covered my body. ‘I like it here,’ I said. I laid down on the wet bench. ‘I wish we could stay here longer!’

“I love the Maine House because my mom's friend, Randy, rents the camp. My mom and I would have a lot of money left because it costs so much to rent. To buy the Maine Houses, it would cost one million dollars! About 20 people go, and Randy pays the whole amount. My friend, Julia, and I buy candy at a local store down the street. My mom and I buy cool things at a store in South Paris.

“I love the Maine House because we water-ski on a duck. Randy, can back me up on this idea. We don't ride on a 'quack-quack' duck. It's made out of the same material as water tubes. You sit on it, and are dragged along by the boat at a fast pace. Or you can drift and float on it. One memorable day on the duck, was cloudy, and it looked like the sky could burst. Randy was getting on the duck. I was cold, so I quickly ran inside to get my sweatshirt. When I came back outside, Randy was already at top speed. ‘Look at Randy go,’ my mom told me. Then, I saw Randy do a flip, and he was under water. When the boat driver, George, realized he had a lighter load, he stopped the boat. I could see a yellow dot floating on the water. Finally, the boat came back with Randy in it.

“‘Are you OK, Randy?’ my mom asked him.

“‘That was the best ride I've ever had!’, shouted Randy. Then the Maine House property was filled with laughter.

“I love the Maine House, and you now know why. You know I'm happy Randy rents the camp, that there's a steam room, and that you can do peaceful things. Plus, I get to water-ski on a duck. Now, if you want a fabulous vacation, you now to go to the Maine House!”

A. L.

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